A few of the ways we provide BI:

  • System health performance in real time and longitudinally
  • Service levels to staff
  • Customer service ratings overall
  • Service volumes by person, location, and across the organization

We’ll help you uncover, understand, and interpret the data generated by your systems and operations.

At Varsity, we believe that to run an effective operation, you need access to information that will help you make better decisions. Our combined systems make this data transparent, offering insights about the meaning of the data and the functioning of your IT operation.

Unlike other operations that are designed around best practices, our operations are designed around what works best in schools and non-profits. You can move forward with the confidence that you’ll have information and clarity in an area of your operation you previously thought was a black box. Using our own strategic analysis, we‘ll help you better understand your capacity, effectiveness, and ability to take on changes at the management level.

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