Servers, Networks, & Infrastructure

We can help you with:

  • Microsoft technologies
  • Database services
  • Server virtualization
  • Wireless networking
  • Local and multi-site networks
  • Server and network administration
  • Virtual desktops and thin computing
  • Database service
  • Voice

We design, build, and maintain the technology infrastructure assets that schools and nonprofits need.

Whether you’re updating an existing network design or designing and implementing technology infrastructure for an entire campus, Varsity can help. We leverage our extensive experience working with schools and nonprofits to extract the most from advanced technologies that might otherwise seem too complex or costly. We research and test those technologies to create solutions with value at the administrative and programmatic levels. And all along, we consider environmental impact and the cost to operate and maintain these systems.

Organizations rely on the consistency and availability of their server and network systems. Should these systems fail, finance applications, data analytics, and reporting tools will fail along with them. Once we’ve built your infrastructure, we keep everything running smoothly so your organization can focus on your work.

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